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Precision and High speed CCD Color  Sorters for distinguishing products via color selection.

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Prospects of China\'s agricultural machinery industry

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China Anhui Color Sort Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Anhui Color Sort Technology Co., Ltd. certification
Machine is good for peanut kernel with skin and roasted peanut.

—— Vipul Patel

Sorting Pulse and beans seems ok.Will buy another set.

—— Eri Looy

we bought the color sorter for rice last year, the sorting result is very good, they also send engineer to provide the best after-sales service, tks

—— Chris Adam

Company News
Prospects of China\'s agricultural machinery industry

Last year, China’s grain output to a new level of 11,000 billion kilograms, and to achieve gratifying achievement growth for eight consecutive years in which agricultural machinery contributed. 2011, China’s farming income comprehensive mechanization level of 54.5, compared with eight years ago, an increase of 22. The effective development of agricultural machinery, effectively alleviate the structural shortage of agricultural labor has played an irreplaceable important role in increasing food production to stabilize the acreage sown to grain.

In recent years, the agricultural machinery industry in the growth of farmers’ income, the national policy to support agricultural prices to go higher factor driven, showing a good momentum of rapid and healthy development. Agricultural machinery industry in 2009 completed a total industrial output value of 226.455 billion yuan, up year-on-year growth of 18.78 in 2010, the agricultural machinery industry completed a total industrial output value of 283.81 billion yuan, up by 2009 an increase of 25.33 in 2011, the agricultural machinery industry in total industrial The output value reached 289.8 billion yuan.

Yet S & P advisory machinery industry analysts believe that the fundamental way out for agriculture lies in science and technology, and advances in agricultural science and technology need to rely on agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery has become an important component of the agricultural scientific and technological innovation.

Today in South and the urban population than the rural population, the level of urbanization is over 50. According to the survey, 70 were born after more than half of not in the agricultural farming or will not go back to the rural farming; more than 95 people who were born after 80 back to agricultural farming in the rural farming or not, people who were born after 90 will not return to the rural farming. In rural areas engaged in the production of Su power of people over the age of 40, mostly women, labor turnover in rural areas the hollowing serious. Character of agriculture into the city, farmers aging, female trends, there is an urgent need for agricultural production efficiency, agricultural machinery industry production King optimistic. Other hand, China has entered a whole of industry promoting agriculture, a new stage of the city with a rural development, agricultural development is a priority, to accelerate the development of the agricultural machinery industry, conditional on the existing basis.

According to yet S & P advisory issued by the agricultural machinery market research report "2010-2013, the past five years, the compound annual growth rate of China’s agricultural machinery 21, the industry entered a period of rapid development, the next five years the average annual growth rate up to 15-20.

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